Personal Injury Claims & Dealing With Insurance Companies

Personal Injury Claims: What Do I Say To The Insurance Company?

Personal injury victims in Missouri have the same concerns that victims in other parts of the country do:

  • How will I heal after this accident?
  • How will I pay for medical bills and ongoing care?
  • How can I provide for my family?
  • Will I ever work again?

And one of the most pressing questions for every accident victim is how to deal with the negligent party’s insurance company. Pontello & Bressler, LLC, provides comprehensive representation for personal injury victims, which includes working with the insurer for the defendant in your suit.

Tips For Personal Injury Claims And Dealing With Insurance Companies

There are a number of ways to counter the tactics that insurers use to close out your case with a lowball settlement that does not take care of all your needs:

  1. Get medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. Every day that you wait to seek medical help after an accident casts doubt on the severity of your injuries. Our firm can refer you to doctors who work on a lien basis and are willing to wait until the case settles to be paid.
  2. Talk to your attorney before you talk to an insurance representative. Ideally, we will evaluate the insurance company’s requests and advise you of the best ways to handle them.
  3. Do not give a statement to the insurance company without legal guidance. Our attorneys will let you know if you must give a statement.
  4. Remember that time is on your side, not the insurer’s. Insurance representatives will often pressure you to take their first offer. But you have the leverage of filing a lawsuit if settlement negotiations fail, so do not panic and accept an inadequate offer.
  5. Realize that most cases settle out of court. Unless there is a question of liability, personal injury cases frequently end in a settlement. Do not admit liability in a personal injury case if you are unclear about your role in the accident and you have not consulted with your attorney.

Let Us Guide You Through Insurance Negotiations

Our firm’s lawyers can focus on communicating and negotiating with insurers while you focus on healing. To find out all the ways in which we can be your advocate during your case, call our office at 636-242-1923 or email us to set up a free initial appointment.